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Here's how to order Bird City Wisconsin's popular signs, flags, plaques, mini-signs, hats, t-shirts, and brochures.

Order bird-friendly Birds & Beans Coffee from Bird City Wisconsin.

Signs and flags

We're happy to provide the following three display items to all communities that earn recognition as Bird Cities:

  • Two 22"x25" street signs to be hung along popular thoroughfares.
  • One 3'x5' all-weather flag that can be flown at a prominent civic location.
  • One 10.5"x13" wood recognition plaque suitable for public display indoors.

Additional or replacement signs, flags, and plaques are available for purchase by representatives of Bird City communities only; they are not available for sale to the general public. Street signs cost $75. Flags are $55. Plaques are $20.


These are small, lightweight, indoor versions of our large outdoor street sign. Mini-signs are 9.75" wide and 12" tall and have adhesive strips on the back. They cost $20.

Hats and t-shirts

Hats are adjustable, one size fits all, and feature the Bird City Wisconsin logo on the front. T-shirts are ivory and short-sleeved, made of cotton, and feature the Bird City Wisconsin logo on the front. Shirts are available in small, medium, large, extra large, and extra-extra large sizes. Hats are $15. T-shirts cost $20.


Bird City Wisconsin brochures are available for purchase in bulk by Bird City communities. Brochures cost $0.20/each.

  • Bird City Wisconsin: A description of the program and its importance, how the program works, and a list of communities that have already been recognized (Bird City Wisconsin)

The following conservation-related brochures are available for download from their publishers:

  • You Can Save Birds from Flying into Windows! Quick and affordable ways to protect birds from your windows (American Bird Conservancy)
  • Cats, Birds, and You: Why domesticated cats are happiest and healthiest when kept indoors, with tips for happy indoor cats (Bird City Wisconsin and American Bird Conservancy)
  • Beyond the Bird Feeder: Creating a Bird-Friendly Yard with Native Wisconsin Plants, by Mariette Nowak: Wisconsin's best native plants for attracting birds (Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin and Wisconsin Society for Ornithology)

How to order

All friends of birds and bird conservation are welcome to purchase Bird City Wisconsin mini-signs, hats, and t-shirts. Street signs, flags, plaques, and our Bird City brochures, however, are available for purchase by representatives of Bird City communities only.

To order, send an email to the director of Bird City Wisconsin at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

All prices include sales tax. Shipping charges vary. Shipping will be charged at cost and included on your invoice.


Order bird-friendly Birds & Beans coffee from Bird City Wisconsin.

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