Important Dates

New applications can be submitted at any time but are reviewed every March 1, July 1, and November 1.

Annual renewals are due on January 31.

What does it take to become a Bird City?

Bird City Wisconsin offers two levels of recognition, Bird City and High Flyer, with the latter being for those communities that truly go above and beyond in their dedication to local conservation and education. Every criterion submitted requires a narrative statement that explains your community's actions and, where appropriate, documentation and photographs that support the narrative. The application/renewal fee is $175.

There is a single restriction in the application process: Communities that officially support cat colonies, encourage feeding or housing for outdoor cats, or explicitly permit free-roaming cats are not eligible for High Flyer status.

American kestrel August 2016a

Bird City Wisconsin's recognition criteria are organized in six categories:

  1. Habitat Creation, Protection, and Monitoring
  2. Community Forest Management
  3. Limiting or Removing Threats to Birds
  4. Public Education
  5. Energy and Sustainability
  6. World Migratory Bird Day


Click this link to download a sample application:


What comes with your Bird City status?

  1. The sense of pride that comes with official recognition that you live in a green community!
  2. An in-person presentation of your initial award by Bird City Wisconsin.Baraboo Mayor Mike Palm Bryan Lenz
  3. A website for your community on our site to tout your accomplishments.
  4. Two Bird City Wisconsin street signs (22" x 25") to be hung at prominent locations in your community (additional signs are available for purchase).
  5. A Bird City Wisconsin flag (3' x 5') to be flown/hung to display your Bird City status (additional flags are available for purchase).
  6. A recognition plaque suitable for display at the municipal center. Following your annual renewal, Bird City will send you a revised insert for this plaque.
  7. An electronic copy of our logo (on request) to be used on municipal and partner sites and materials.


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