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City of Beaver Dam

City of Beaver Dam

Habitat Creation, Protection, and Monitoring

A. Comply with Wisconsin's "Smart Growth" law for land use planning and resource management. This criterion is an option only for applications submitted before July 1, 2017.

The City of Beaver Dam has adopted and approved a “Smart Growth” plan. They are currently in compliance with Wisconsin’s “Smart Growth” law for land use planning and resource management.

F. Show that your community offers the public information on how they can control and remove invasive species in order to improve or maintain bird habitat.

The City of Beaver Dam offers information on the Emerald Ash Borer to the public through the Parks and Forestry Department and also links to additional information.

V. OTHER: Demonstrate in a narrative.

The City erected six North American Bluebird Society (NABS) boxes on Distribution Drive which are monitored for songbirds by Jack Bartholmai as a part of the project.

Community Forest Management

A. Demonstrate that your community has been awarded Tree City USA status by the National Arbor Day Foundation.

Beaver Dam continues to be recognized as a Tree City USA by the Arbor Day Foundation following its initial award in 1991.

Limiting or Removing Threats to Birds

A. Describe your community’s educational program to control free-roaming cats and/or the manner in which you actively publicize the Cats Indoors! initiative.

In accordance with Beaver Dam city ordinance Sec. 10-24: animals are not to run at large and also institutes a leash law requiring cats to be leashed or restrained at all times. Furthermore, the American Bird Conservancy “Cats, Birds and You” brochure appears on the City of Beaver Dam’s website under the Bird City heading.

B. Demonstrate that your community provides property owners with information on how to protect birds from window strikes (e.g., online links, brochures).

The City of Beaver Dam’s website also contains a link to the American Bird Conservancy “You can Save Birds from Flying into Windows!” brochure.

Public Education

C. Demonstrate that your community is represented in at least one citizen science bird monitoring program (e.g., the Christmas Bird Count, Great Backyard Bird Count, Swift Night Out).

Beaver Dam has been represented in the Great Backyard Bird Count in previous years. Beaver Dam residents are encouraged to participate in the event each year by making notices and those that do participate are vigilant in posting data on the GBBC website for Dodge County sightings. For information on getting involved consult their website.

International Migratory Bird Day (IMBD)

A. This community's municipal body passed the required International Migratory Bird Day resolution.

B. Document and describe your event that incorporates the annual IMBD theme in some fashion. If the event has not yet occurred, please share your detailed plans. For information on the current year’s theme and event materials, please visit the International Migratory Bird Day website. To see what other Bird City communities have done in the past, please view some other profiles on our website.

Marsh Haven Nature Center Director Renee Wahlen was a special guest presenter at Camp Adventure, a summer day camp for kids ages 5-12 on June 27. Renee shared the Feathered Friends program with campers. The program consisted of bird mounts including Purple Martins, Snowy Owl, Great Horned Owl, Wood Duck, and other common Horicon Marsh birds. The presentation also included nest box displays, feeders, how to attract birds, feathers, eggs, nests and more. Special appearance by Marsh Haven’s live Animal Ambassadors retired magic doves added interest and caring as well.

Camp Adventure

Renee Wahlen, Marsh Haven Nature Center Director and a volunteer provided the Feather Friends interactive program. This program included retired magic doves along with bird mounts, nest box displays and feeders and other birding/butterfly items.  Renee also provided materials for people to make milkweed seed bombs to help the monarch butterfly. All ages enjoyed these hands-on activities and learned from the experiences.

Sarah Cournoyer, Beaver Dam Children’s Services Librarian facilitated bird-themed activities for children, in addition to the activities provided by BDCAS staff.

A variety of bird houses built by BDCAS senior woodshop volunteers were available for sale at the event. Varieties ranged from Wren and Bluebird houses to Wood Duck and Kestrel houses. BDCAS staff and volunteers shared information about the houses and special pricing was offered on the products.

The City of Beaver Dam celebrated IMBD in conjunction with their weekly summer concert series on Wednesday, July 25 from 6:00 to 8:30 pm. This family friend event was free and included activities for children such as painting a wooden bird on a stick, bird-themed face painting and feather identification games. The event also included activities for adults.

Wednesday Night Live at Swan City Park

The City of Beaver Dam Community Activities and Services Department (BDCAS) celebrated International Migratory Bird Day in the City of Beaver Dam by hosting the following activities and events in 2018.

The City of Beaver Dam held its celebration of International Migratory Bird Day on Saturday, May 20 from 8:30 to noon at the Watermark. This family friendly event is a free and includes activities for children such as making a bird mask or Junior Birder Journal, building a birdhouse ($5), and a feather identification game.

Speakers include Jack and Holly Bartholmai who will give a photo presentation (9:00 a.m.) about providing Wood Duck nest boxes in your yard and what occupants you may see. Nest boxes will be available for purchase.At ten o'clock Chris Jacobs and Carol Shirk, master gardeners, will talk about plants that will attract Hummingbirds to your gardens. Then at 11:00 Renee Wahlen, director of Marsh Haven Nature Center, will talk about Monarch butterflies and milkweed. There will be displays and demonstrations about Cats Indoors, carving birds by the BDCAS Woodcarvers, and Chickadees on wood by the BDCAS wood-burning group. The city of Beaver Dam Community Activities and Services department and Bird City Wisconsin are sponsoring this celebration of birds.

Joined Bird City: 2012

Population: 16,291

Incorporated: 1856

Area: 8.17 mi2

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