Village of Fox Point

Village of Fox Point

Habitat Creation, Protection, and Monitoring

A. Comply with Wisconsin's "Smart Growth" law for land use planning and resource management. This criterion is an option only for applications submitted before July 1, 2017.

The Village of Fox Point adopted a smart growth comprehensive plan on February 23, 2010 (Ordinance No. 2010-04) and is in compliance with the Wisconsin “Smart Growth” laws.

E. Describe your community’s ordinance demonstrating that your community does not restrict natural/native landscaping that emphasizes native plants and non-turf lawns.

Chapter 681-3 of the Fox Point Village Code states in part:

Every owner of real estate in the Village shall be responsible for creating and sustaining a condition of stability of the landscape on every parcel of land which he/she shall own or control, whether this be accomplished by traditional means (feeding, watering, cutting turf, pruning) or by the maintenance or restoration and management of native or natural-appearing plant communities. This ordinance recognizes the fundamental right of every landowner to develop and manage his/her landscape in the manner of his/her choosing, insofar as it does not present a hazard to the public health or safety, or to the natural or cultivated environment, and meets the other standards set out in this Section.

F. Show that your community offers the public information on how they can control and remove invasive species in order to improve or maintain bird habitat.

The Village website has a link on its homepage under Forestry entitled “Invasive Plant Species”. This link takes the user to a page explaining invasive plants as well as two featured websites hosted by the Southeastern Wisconsin Invasive Species Consortium and the Invasive Plant Association of Wisconsin.

Community Forest Management

A. Demonstrate that your community has been awarded Tree City USA status by the National Arbor Day Foundation.

The Village of Fox Point continues to be recognized as a Tree City USA by the Arbor Day Foundation following its initial award in 1989.

Limiting or Removing Threats to Birds

B. Demonstrate that your community provides property owners with information on how to protect birds from window strikes (e.g., online links, brochures).

The Village website has a link on its homepage under entitled “Bird City Wisconsin” that takes the user to a page explaining the goals of Bird City Wisconsin. This page also includes a link to 9 Methods to Help Birds Avoid Window Collisions.

Public Education

B. Provide web links or a community newsletter demonstrating that your community educates property owners on methods to create and enhance backyard habitat for birds.

Again on the Village website, the link for Bird City Wisconsin has, at the bottom right of that page, a document that talks about “Creating a Backyard Bird Habitat” as well as a featured website hosted by Audubon at Home.

G. Provide a link to your community’s Bird City Wisconsin webpage, which must be visible from the main page of your municipal website (it may be located at the first level of a drop down menu on the main page but cannot be any less visible) OR demonstrate that your Bird City effort has a significant social media presence.

Fox Point's Bird City page can be reached from the "Community" drop-down menu on the Village's Home Page.

World Migratory Bird Day (WMBD)

A. This community's municipal body passed the required World Migratory Bird Day resolution.

B. Document and describe your event that incorporates the annual IMBD theme in some fashion. If the event has not yet occurred, please share your detailed plans. For information on the current year’s theme and event materials, please visit the World Migratory Bird Day website. To see what other Bird City communities have done in the past, please view some other profiles on our website.

Celebrate Fox Points 12th Annual World Migratory Bird Day 

Saturday, May 6

Bird Walk in Doctors Park 

8:00-9:30 a.m.

The early birder gets the bird!

Meet in the parking lot.

Bring binoculars and a field guide if you have them.

All ages and experience levels are welcome!


Joined Bird City: 2012

Population: 6,678

Incorporated: 1926

Area: 2.9 mi2

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