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City of Monroe

Community Achievements

Habitat Creation, Protection, and Monitoring

A. Comply with Wisconsin's "Smart Growth" law for land use planning and resource management. This criterion is an option only for applications submitted before July 1, 2017.

The City of Monroe is compliant with Wisconsin’s “Smart Growth” law for land use planning and resource management. The plan was adopted in December of 2005.

D. Document that current municipal planning seeks to provide additional bird habitat.

The City of Monroe maintains 17 city park areas of 110 acres and a 90 acre Forest Prairie Park east of the city. Forest Prairie Park is a natural park area with prairie and wooded areas. There are several miles of mowed walking trails throughout the property. Bluebird houses have been installed and maintained along the trail in several places.

In the city, 23 acre Honey Creek Park was developed where nearly a 1/3 of the park has been developed and maintained as a prairie. This park also contains walking trails for people to observe prairie plants and a variety of birds. In 2016, Mayor Louis Armstrong and the Park Commission started working on a plan to restore a 14 acre wetland area in the city. The restoration would include brush removal and control of invasive growth along with planting of native trees and shrubs. A walking trail will be developed for citizens to be able to enjoy the property. Park Commission meeting minutes attached.

The City of Monroe worked with the Department of Natural Resources and the Friends of the Badger State Trail to develop a trail head in Monroe for the Badger State Recreational Trail, which runs from the Illinois state line to Madison. The trail head is maintained by the city. This facility has improved access to the trail. In the fall of 2014, a parking area and a shelter/restroom facility was opened for trail users. The DNR Master Plan for the trail lists bird watching as one of the activities for trail users.

G. Document that there is a segment of the Great Wisconsin Birding and Nature Trail or a designated Important Bird Area within or adjacent to your community.

The City of Monroe is in the Southern Savannah Region of the Great Wisconsin Birding and Nature Trail. Several areas near Monroe, such as Cadiz Springs State Park, New Glarus Woods State Park, and Muralt Prairie are included on the map of the Great Wisconsin Birding and Nature Trail.

Community Forest Management

A. Demonstrate that your community has been awarded Tree City USA status by the National Arbor Day Foundation.

The City of Monroe continues to be recognized as a Tree City USA by the Arbor Day Foundation following its initial award in 1988. In 2015 Monroe was recognized as a Tree City USA and also received a Growth Award for demonstrating environmental improvement and a higher level of tree care.

Limiting or Removing Threats to Birds

B. Demonstrate that your community provides property owners with information on how to protect birds from window strikes (e.g., online links, brochures).

The City Services and Community Resource Guide contains information on the Bird City Wisconsin program and provided the link to the American Bird Conservancy website for quick and affordable ideas on how to protect birds from window strikes.

Public Education

D. Describe your community-sponsored annual bird festival. This must be a multi-day event or a truly exceptional one-day event.

On Tuesday, October 25, 2016, the Green Rock Audubon Society provided information and staffed a display at an annual event at Turner Hall in Monroe that was sponsored by the Defending our Farmland organization. The information included the need for clean water for migrating birds and also highlighted the birds in this area.

International Migratory Bird Day (IMBD)

B. Document and describe your event that incorporates the annual IMBD theme in some fashion. If the event has not yet occurred, please share your detailed plans. For information on the current year’s theme and event materials, please visit the International Migratory Bird Day website. To see what other Bird City communities have done in the past, please view some other profiles on our website.

The Green Rock Audubon Society IMBD event was held at Turner Hall in Monroe on Tuesday, October 25, 2016. It was sponsored by Green County Defending our Farmland Organization. Green Rock Audubon provided information and staffed a display on the need for clean water for migratory birds and also highlighted the birds in this area.

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Community Details

Joined Bird City: 2012

Population: 10,827

Incorporated: 1882

Area: 4.83 mi2

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