Making our communities healthy for birds... and people

WGLBBO Webinar: Small Plants, Big Impact


The Western Great Lakes Bird and Bat Observatory will be hosting one or two webinars a month in 2021 on how to make your corner of the world better for your feathered, winged, and aquatic neighbors. The webinars are part of its groundbreaking Neighborhood Habitat Improvement Project. Each session is free, but registration is required.

Danielle Bell, owner of the landscape-design company Native Roots LLC., will lead this webinar. 

Think native plants are too tall and unruly for your yard? Think again! There are many native species that work great in small urban landscape settings that do not need a lot of room to grow and are respectful of their neighbors. Native plants are essential to provide the necessary habitat that native birds and pollinators need to survive throughout the entire year. During this presentation, we will discuss native species that are a must for any size landscape to provide essential habitat for wildlife while being visually appealing to humans.

Danielle grew up exploring the natural world in rural Wisconsin, starting in the oak-hickory woodland of her parents' home. While working in the green industry and on restoration projects, she noticed the disconnect humans have with our landscapes, especially in the urban environment. Danielle uses her experience from restoring native wetlands, prairies, and woodlands throughout southeastern Wisconsin to inspire her residential designs. Her passion is to restore sterile turf monocultures into healthy, sustainable, diverse habitats that both people and wildlife can enjoy.

This webinar is free, but registration is required. You can register at