Making our communities healthy for birds... and people

WGLBBO Webinar: The Match Game: Learn about Wisconsin Native Plants to Incorporate in Your Backyard and... Possibly Your Front Yard!


The Western Great Lakes Bird and Bat Observatory will be hosting one or two webinars a month in 2021 on how to make your corner of the world better for your feathered, winged, and aquatic neighbors. The webinars are part of its groundbreaking Neighborhood Habitat Improvement Project. Each session is free, but registration is required.

Lisa Oddis, president of the Menomonee River Area Chapter of Wild Ones, will lead this webinar.

Lisa will discuss the use of Wisconsin native plants, trees, and shrubs as an alternative or addition to popular, non-native plants in our yards. We will explore some wonderful native plants that support increased numbers of pollinators that will then support all life forms in a most efficient way.

Would you like to spend less time mowing your lawn and more time enjoying nature and the great outdoors? Would you like to be a supporter of biodiversity? What do you think about herbicides and pesticides? Let’s explore together!

Lisa is a member of Wild Ones Natural Landscapers, a non-profit, national organization that promotes education and encouragement for the use of native plants in our landscapes. Chapter president for seven years. A life-long passion for gardening and the outdoors, a steward for our natural world.

This webinar is free, but registration is required. You can register at