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Wisconsin Monarch Collaborative Online Meeting


The purpose of the meeting is to hear updates from and connect with Collaborative partners/individuals working on some aspect of monarch conservation.

Agenda: Wednesday, July 28, 2021

9:00-9:10am: Welcome & Wisconsin Monarch Collaborative Overview, Brenna Jones (Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources)
9:10-9:30am: Programs & Funding Sources for Pollinator Habitat on Private Lands, Britta Petersen (Pheasants Forever)
9:30-9:50am: Advancing Pollinator Conservation through Precision Agriculture, Scott Stipetich (Pheasants Forever)
9:50-10:10am: Breakout Session #1 -- Barriers to monarch/pollinator work
10:10-10:20am: Break
10:20-10:40am: Engaging the Next Generation: A neighborhood hub for raising and celebrating monarchs, Paul Skawinski (UW-Extension/Wild Ones-Central Wisconsin)
10:40-11:00am: Challenges of Defending a Migratory Stopover: What's working, what's not working, and learning how to navigate the complexities of competing interests, Barb Agnew (Friends of the Monarch Trail)
11:00-11:30am: Breakout session #1 debrief and overview of the WI Pollinator Protection Fund, Caitlin Williamson (Natural Resources of Wisconsin)

Agenda: Thursday, July 29, 2021

9:00-9:10am: Welcome & Journey North Overview, Nancy Sheehan (Journey North/UW-Madison Arboretum)
9:10-9:30am: Havenwoods State Forest -- Pollinator Landscaping, Samantha Kueffler (Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources)
9:30-9:50am: Monarch Rearing: Helpful, harmful, or somewhere in between?, Karen Oberhauser (UW-Madison Arboretum)
9:50-10:10am: Breakout session #2 -- Action items for future monarch/pollinator work
10:10-10:20am: Break
10:20-10:40am: Making Way for Monarchs: A Collaborative Approach to Monarch Conservation (Monarch CCAA), Caroline Hernandez (University of Illinois - Chicago)
10:40-11:00am: On-farm Pollinator Habitat in Wisconsin: Approaches and Case Studies, Sarah Foltz Jordan (Xerces Society)
11:00-11:15am: Breakout session #2 debrief and meeting wrap-up, Owen Boyle (Department of Natural Resources)

11:15-12:00pm: Sector meetings (Agriculture, Communications and Outreach, Urban and Greenspace, Protected Lands, Rights-of-Way, and Research and Monitoring)


Registration is for both mornings (July 28 and 29). Feel free to hop in and out of the meeting as needed. The last day to register is July 26. The registration maximum is 300 people. Please register if you plan on attending, and forward this along to others who may be interested in attending.

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