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Treasures of Oz 2021 Eco-Tour

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09.13.2021 8:00 am - 09.18.2021 4:00 pm
Forest Beach Migratory Preserve


Discover what your land trust, Ozaukee Washington, does for your community!

During this weeklong event, learn how OWLT partners with Ozaukee County Parks and other organizations to create recreational and open space in Oz. Participants will visit OWLT Ozaukee County nature preserves and locate key terms at the kiosks for their passports. Visitors can explore the preserves as they choose and will learn what land trusts do and why they are important along the way.

Preserve info is available on the Treasures of Oz website. Passports and instructions can also be downloaded after September 1.

Many OWLT preserves are on the Lake Michigan shoreline or along the Milwaukee River and include woodlands, prairies, and wetlands. Visitors are asked to stay on marked trails. No pets, please.

Visitor passports are entered into a drawing for prizes. The search for key words runs for the entire event. Winners will receive prizes by mail.

On Friday and Saturday only, OWLT is hosting a huge estate sale at Forest Beach Migratory Preserve prior to the coming removal of the iconic clubhouse to create more habitat.


Location information

Forest Beach Migratory Preserve

4970 Country Club Rd
Port Washington