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WGLBBO Webinar: Mineral Springs Creek


The Western Great Lakes Bird and Bat Observatory will be hosting one or two webinars a month in 2021 on how to make your corner of the world better for your feathered, winged, and aquatic neighbors. The webinars are part of its groundbreaking Neighborhood Habitat Improvement Project. Each session is free, but registration is required.

Andrew Struck, director of Ozaukee County's Parks and Planning Department, will present this webinar.

Mineral Springs Creek originates in the Ulao Swamp and flows almost four miles northeast to its confluence with Sauk Creek, approximately 200 feet upstream of Sauk Creek’s confluence with the Port Washington harbor on Lake Michigan in the City of Port Washington. The creek connects over 195 acres of high-quality wetland habitat but has been heavily manipulated. Multiple removal or remediation projects have improved fish accessibility to existing, high-quality habitats and bolstered the overall ecological health of the Lake Michigan Basin, directly benefiting many fish species. Ozaukee County, the City of Port Washington, We Energies, the Southeast Wisconsin Chapter of Trout Unlimited, and private landowners have partnered on several the projects.

The webinar is free, but registration is required. You can register at