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Ferryville Fall Migration Day


The Ferryville Tourism Council is inviting you to join us for our seventh annual Fall Migration Day. This event will be held in River View Park, right in the center of Ferryville, at the observation deck overlooking the Mississippi River. Spotting scopes will be set up beginning at 9 am and ending at 11 am on Saturday, November 9, 2019.

This event showcases the many species of waterfowl that frequent the Mississippi Flyway during their annual fall migration. Some of the species we will be looking for are Bald Eagles, herons, egrets, Tundra Swans, American White Pelicans, many ducks, and Canada Geese. Pool 9 on the Mississippi River traditionally is a stopping point for thousands of Canvasback ducks, always a special treat to see.

This is a family-friendly event, and we encourage birders who are just beginning or those who know one duck from another to join us for this fun learning event. Handouts about birding spots in the area will be available.

The Ferryville Tourism Council is well known for sharing treats, so a table of breads and hot beverages will also be available. Expert birders will be on hand to offer help in identifying the birds that we will be seeing. This year, we are very happy to welcome Brenda Kelly, Mississippi River wildlife biologist with the Wisconsin DNR and Dennis Kirschbaum, former ranger at Effigy Mounds and active member of the birding community in Prairie du Chien.

Ferryville has been a part of the Bird City Wisconsin program since 2013. There are currently over 100 communities whose activities promote educational and conservation programs to support birds in our state. We are very proud to be the smallest Bird City community in the program. This event is one of our programs.

The Driftless Center in Lansing, Iowa, is also having a Birding Festival on the same day. They will have maps of birding areas available as well as birding activities throughout the day. For more information, please call Ross at (563) 538-0403.

Please stop by if you are in the area or plan to come to Ferryville and Lansing. We look forward to sharing this event, which showcases the beauty of a gorgeous region we all love.

For more information, please call Joanne White at (608) 735-9018, or like Ferryville on Facebook.


Location information

River View Park

Main Street-Highway 35