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2019 Crex Meadows Fall Wildlife Festival



Morning with the Sandhills Tour, 7:30-9:30 am: Take a guided tour through Crex Meadows to watch the Sandhill Cranes fly out from their nighttime roosting grounds to their daytime feeding grounds. PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED.

Raptor Center, 10-11 am: Join us for a presentation by the Raptor Center about birds in Wisconsin and Minnesota! This program will include a LIVE Bald Eagle!

Raptor Center Interpretive Booth, 11 am-noon: Join the Raptor Center of Minnesota after their presentation for an interpretive booth featuring LIVE ANIMALS!

Wildlife Ecology, 11 am-noon: Join Chris Cold, Wisconsin DNR Wildlife Technician, for a presentation on Wildlife Ecology. This program will include LIVE ANIMALS!

Sunset with the Sandhills Tour, 5-7 pm: Take a guided bus tour through Crex Meadows to watch the Sandhill Cranes fly in from their daytime feeding grounds to their nightly roosting grounds. Also learn about the natural history of Sandhill Cranes, and why they are able to thrive in our area. PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED.

On-going activities

Archery Range, 9:30 am-2 pm: Come learn how to shoot a compound bow! We will have several different targets out that both kids and adults can practice shooting at! Hit a bullseye to win a prize. Ages 10+.

Family Activities Classroom, 10 am-1 pm: Come to the classroom and surrounding trails for family activities, including hikes, mucking in the pond, scavenger hunts, snacks, and more!

Mess Hall Fundraiser Lunch, 11 am start: Join the Friends of Crex for a lunch in support of the Mess Hall Fund. Wild rice soup and sandwiches will be served. Donations are always appreciated!

Primitive Weapons Demonstration, 1-3 pm: Join Arthur Boehm for a demonstration on making primitive weapons. Learn about which materials are used and why, and learn how raw materials are harvested, processed, and assembled to make the tools and weapons that were an important part of survival for primitive cultures.

For more information about the 2019 Crex Meadows Fall Wildlife Festival, contact Lauren Finch, Natural Resources Educator, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (715) 463-2739.


Location information

Crex Meadows State Wildlife Area

102 E. Crex Ave.