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We're happy to announce that Bird City Wisconsin is joining with Bird City programs in eight other states and in Colombia and Mexico in the Bird City Network. You can find the network at Bird City Wisconsin's new home in the network will soon be at

Just as birds' annual movements carry them across borders, the new site will allow you to meet, network, and collaborate with program leaders across the continent. We're excited to see what comes of the cross-border socializing and information sharing the site makes possible -- for the birds' sake primarily, but for your sake and ours, too.

We hope you agree that the new site is better looking and easier to use than our present site. We're especially excited that the Bird City Network site will allow community leads to extend editing privileges to other team members, so the responsibility for updating pages will no longer have to be shouldered by a single hard-working soul. On the new site, you can form a team, share access privileges, and divvy up the work. Another benefit: You will be able to set and reset your own passwords.

We think you'll also like the new About, Tourism, and Events sections that you will be able to create and update for your community. Use them to put your hometown on the map -- literally! Promote upcoming events that make your community bird-friendly and fun for tourists, and tell the world about the birding hotspots, inns, restaurants, and other features that make your Bird City a great tourism destination.

As you might imagine, attempting to manage Bird City programs from many different states and countries on a single website with a single operating system necessarily required a few tweaks to be made to certain programs, ours included.

The most significant change you’ll notice concerns the number of Bird City Wisconsin's categories. Instead of six, on the new site you will find only four: "Habitat," "Threats to Birds," "Education and Engagement," and "Sustainability." But no actions were done away with. The pair of actions formerly listed under "World Migratory Bird Day" (Cat. 6), for example, are moving to "Education and Engagement," while those formerly under "Community Forest Management" (Cat. 2) will now be found under "Habitat." We'll send details about other tweaks later this summer.

Rest assured, the adjustments won't require you to do any extra work. We will migrate all your previous application material to the new system for you, including matching past criteria to the updated action list.

In the meantime, a request: Now more than ever, it's essential that we have up-to-date contact information for you and your team members. Please send this to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Next year's renewal process will take place on the new site, and we want you to be ready!


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