American Bird Conservancy

The American Bird Conservancy, which is celebrating 25 years of conserving wild birds and their habitats throughout the Americas, is seeking to hire a coordinator for its new Bird City Americas initiative.

This will be a full-time position, and the successful applicant will be able to work remotely or can choose to join an existing ABC office in either Washington, DC, or in The Plains, Virginia.

The Bird City Americas coordinator will work closely with Bird City Americas Director Bryan Lenz to launch and run the new Bird City Americas initiative, a program being created in partnership with Environment for the Americas.

Bird City Americas will scale up the community conservation model created by Bird City Wisconsin, which has recognized 111 communities for their commitment to bird conservation since the program was launched in 2009. The goal is to build a hemisphere-wide network that provides recognition, guidance, and encouragement to communities focused on habitat protection/management, education, and other actions to reduce threats to birds and make communities better places for people.

You can read ABC’s job posting on ZipRecruiter. It reads as follows:

The Bird City Americas coordinator should understand bird and community conservation as well as environmental education. Experience with community certification programs is a plus. The coordinator should be an organized, detail-oriented, analytical, and deadline-driven person who understands the value, formation, and maintenance of partnerships and the importance of flexibility in pursuit of overarching program goals.

The successful candidate will also be a people person who is quick on their feet and able to lead organizations considering joining the Bird City Americas program. An understanding of what motivates different segments of the population to take conservation and education action is also required.

Public speaking skills are a must. Experience in Latin America and Canada, along with some proficiency in Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, and French, will be considered a plus.

Primary duties:

  1. Help to develop the program’s structure and materials, including the website (with an external developer) and all program documents in coordination with the Bird City Americas Director and input from Environment for the Americas.
  2. Build connections with existing Bird City programs and work to see them become a part of the Bird City Americas network.
  3. Serve as facilitator of the Bird City Steering Committee and maintain and organize the committee records and information.
  4. Recruit and train organizations interested in starting new Bird City programs in the United States.
  5. Manage the hemisphere-wide Bird City Americas network in partnership with the Bird City Americas Director.
  6. Innovate to develop new features as the Bird City program grows and evolves.
  7. Develop, update, and help to manage annual budgets.
  8. Work with the Development Team to seek funding for the Bird City Americas program itself and to help provide resources for local programs and communities within the network.
  9. Work within ABC to ensure that ABC staff and programs maximize their contributions to Bird City Americas and that Bird City Americas multiplies the impact of ABC’s programs.

Position requirements:

  1. Bachelor’s degree and at least five years of experience in environmental conservation, education or community recognition.
  2. Proven track record of working with partners at high levels to achieve significant programmatic outcomes.
  3. Knowledge of birds and bird conservation, especially related to urban/suburban conservation and threats to birds.
  4. Ability to innovate to create added value for the program and to solve challenging problems that will arise during the creation of a new program.
  5. Ability to work independently, efficiently, and accurately in a deadline-oriented position.
  6. Ability to work with a wide range of people from a wide range of cultures while always maintaining a sense of humor and a positive attitude.
  7. Excellent communication (writing, in-person, and public speaking) and organizational skills. Some ability in Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, or French will be a plus.
  8. Ability to travel to throughout the Western Hemisphere (primarily North America).
  9. Dedication to ABC’s mission.


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