Chimney Swift

Why care about Chimney Swifts?

Chimney Swifts have declined significantly in recent decades and need our assistance more than ever. In 2009, our northern neighbor, Canada, listed them as Threatened. Why?

  • Because of changes made to our landscape and the loss of historic habitat, swifts rely almost entirely on man-made structures for nesting and roosting sites. Our chimneys are their homes.
  • Chimney Swifts eat nearly a third of their own weight in flying insects, including pests, every day. 
  • Chimney Swifts are protected by law under the federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1916.
  • Chimney Swifts’ aerial acrobatics and interactions have aesthetic value; observing them is a simple pleasure of nature.

Resources for chimney sweeps and masons

The Wisconsin Chimney Swift Working Group is partnering with chimney sweeps and masons whose customers are in Wisconsin.

The goal of the partnership is to identify chimneys currently in use by swifts and to enlighten customers on how to maintain the structures to benefit the species. Chimney sweeps and masons are on the front lines of identifying occupied chimneys and interacting with homeowners.

Awareness of Chimney Swifts and the chimneys they use is key to protecting the species. In pre-colonial times, swifts nested and roosted in large hollow trees. Later, as land was cleared for settlement and agriculture, most of these old trees were cut down, and swifts adapted to using chimneys. Now the Chimney Swift depends almost entirely on masonry chimneys for nesting and roosting habitat.

Swifts nest one pair to a chimney, and a pair nests in the same chimney each year. New construction design typically does not include chimneys suitable for swifts, and existing chimneys are being capped, reducing nesting habitat.

Free educational materials are provided to chimney sweeps and masons who are interested in working with the working group. In addition, working group members are available to help businesses and their customers concerning questions or issues that may arise.

If you have a masonry or chimney-sweep business and have not been contacted, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (608) 658-4139.

Chimney sweeps and masons:

Brookfield: Contractor-X Masonry Division, (414) 519-1900

Cedarburg: Chimney Concepts, (262) 377-5811

Cambridge: Cam Rock Masonry LLC, (608) 444-6995

Chippewa: Falls B & M Masonry and Repair, (715) 210-0827

Columbus: Daizy Sweeps, Inc., (920) 386-9563

Eleva: Soot Loose Chimney Sweep, (715) 878-4706

Madison: Badger Chimney, (608) 244-6639

Menasha: The Chimney Guy LLC, (920) 830-1920

Menomonie: Sax Chimney Sweep Service, (715) 235-6044

Milwaukee: All for One Chimney, (414) 600-3845; Carlson’s Chimney, (414) 774-6955; Chimney Doctors, (262) 784-8000

Neenah: Advanced Chimney Specialists LLC, (920) 727-9166

Oconomowoc: Rock River Chimney and Foundation LLC, (262) 354-5090

Oostburg: Eernisse Chimney Repair and Tuck Pointing, (920) 564-6186

Racine: Midwest Chimney Service, (262) 770-5492

Reedsburg: Kosak Chimney and Stove Service, (608) 768-1776 or (715) 693-6564

Schofield: Schofield Foundation and Chimney Restoration, (715) 571-5613

Spring Valley: Tim’s Top Hat Chimney Sweep and Service, (800) 854-1788

West Bend: LifeTime Chimneys, (262) 377-4066


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