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Our most recent monthly newsletter is available here, along with past issues. Each issue includes important bird news, updates from Bird City Wisconsin, success stories from communities around the state, and timely reminders about projects and procedures. Click "View" to read online or "Download" to read later. 


In this newsletter, we announce that Bird City Wisconsin will again award small grants in 2021, and we provide details about how and when to apply. We also describe what Ozaukee County's Planning and Parks Department accomplished with the grant we awarded it in 2020, and we remind Bird City communities that only one month remains to submit their 2021 renewals. (Renewals are due by January 31, 2021.) Finally, we humbly request that you include Bird City Wisconsin in your charitable giving. We're a small organization, it's true, but we have an out-sized impact around the state. You can make it bigger. Please donate.

In this newsletter, we describe how inaugural small grants awarded by Bird City Wisconsin early in 2020 helped kickstart successful local projects undertaken by the City of Bayfield and the City of Madison. In addition, we remind Bird City communities that only two months remain to submit their 2021 renewals. Renewals are due by January 31, 2021. 

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In this newsletter, we welcome the two newest Bird Cities, Greenfield and Wauwatosa, and remind existing Bird Cities that now's the time to start work on their 2021 renewals. They're due by January 31. In addition, we report that American Bird Conservancy is looking to hire a coordinator for its blossoming Bird City Americas initiative, and we tell how app downloads, nest box and birdseed sales, eBird sightings, and polls all reveal the popularity of bird watching during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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This newsletter includes news of Madison's first-in-the-state bird-friendly building ordinance, adopted in August 2020, and Algoma's designation as an All-America City. In addition, we provide instructions for holding a Swift Night Out and reporting your sightings, and we pass along the seventh and final step we can all take to help birds: watching them and sharing what you see. 

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The July 2020 newsletter includes a special appeal to all Bird City Wisconsin communities and their residential and commercial property owners to take an online survey about chimneys that are being used by Chimney Swifts. In addition, we explain why drinking Birds & Beans bird-friendly coffee is good for both birds and Bird City Wisconsin, and we pass along another simple step we can all take to help birds: protecting our planet from plastics.