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Our most recent monthly newsletter is available here, along with past issues. Each issue includes important bird news, updates from Bird City Wisconsin, success stories from communities around the state, and timely reminders about projects and procedures. Click "View" to read online or "Download" to read later. 


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In our May 2023 newsletter, we announce an important fast-approaching deadline: May 12, 2023, is the deadline for applying for the $500 habitat package being offered by SOS Save Our Songbirds and White Pelican Farm Native Plant Nursery. Apply today. Also in the newsletter, we remind readers that there's still time for Bird Cities to form a team in this year's Great Wisconsin Birdathon, and we explore what a bird book published 107 year ago can teach us about birds and free-roaming cats.

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In our April 2023 newsletter, we explain how your Bird City could receive a $500 habitat package from SOS Save Our Songbirds and White Pelican Farm Native Plant Nursery. We also publish a report on the successful Bringing Birds Back Conference, held at UW Oshkosh in March, and we announce SOS Save Our Songbirds, a campaign launched by the Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin and Wisconsin Bird Conservation Partnership aimed at making it easier to make small changes at home that help birds. In addition, we pass along a reminder that now's the time to form a team for this year's Great Wisconsin Birdathon.

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In our March 2023 newsletter, we pass along two reminders: The first is that registration for this month's Bringing Birds Back Conference closes on Monday, March 6. Attendees will hear the latest research on birds’ perilous situation and what’s being done internationally and here in Wisconsin to save them. Space is limited. The second reminder comes from the coordinator of the Great Wisconsin Birdathon: Now's the time to form a team, register, and share your fundraising page with friends and family.

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It's renewal time! In our January 2023 newsletter, we remind communities that it’s time to renew their status as Bird Cities; 2023 renewals are due by January 31. We also report on Bird City Green Bay's annual Big Bay Birdathon, which has been successfully raising much-needed funds for bird protection for 10 years now. In addition, we share news about 14 new Bird Friendly Cities in Canada and remind readers that it’s almost time for the annual Great Backyard Bird Count. 

Mark your calendar! In our December 2022 newsletter, we announce that Bird City Wisconsin, the Wisconsin Bird Conservation Partnership, and the Wisconsin Society for Ornithology are planning a special two-day bird-conservation conference to be held in Oshkosh in March 2023. You won't want to miss it. We also announce the addition of four new members to our Steering Committee. In addition, we pass along a list of migrants and irruptive species to watch for as we head into winter, and we remind readers that it’s almost time for the annual Christmas Bird Count.