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Bird City Wisconsin is a small organization that has an out-sized impact: Every year, our communities take more than 1,200 conservation and education actions that make Wisconsin a better place to live for people and wildlife.

We greatly need your help so that we can continue to grow our impact around the great State of Wisconsin.

You can support Bird City Wisconsin in several ways:

    1. Send a check.
      When you send a check, Bird City gets 100% of your donation. (Paypal takes just over 2.2%.) To donate by check, please make it payable to Bird City Wisconsin. Mail your check here:

      Bird City Wisconsin
      4230 N. Oakland Ave. #219
      Shorewood, WI 53211

    2. Donate via Credit Card.
      Click here
    3. Buy Birds & Beans coffee.
      Place your order via the Bird City Wisconsin website.

Bird City appreciates all that you do in your communities and any additional support that you can provide. THANK YOU!


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