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Bird City Wisconsin may be a small organization, but it has an out-sized impact. Every year, our communities take more than 1,200 conservation and education actions that make Wisconsin a better place to live -- for us and for birds.

We rely on application and annual renewal fees and much-appreciated occasional grants to cover the salary of our part-time director, the costs of our website, and postage and other administrative costs, not to mention the expenses of our successful small-grants program.

We want to expand our impact around the state, but we need your help to do so. Please donate. Your support will help us recognize more Wisconsin communities, educate more residents, protect more habitat, and remove threats to birds.

Donating is easy. Simply use the form below or mail a check written to “Bird City Wisconsin.” Our address is at the bottom of this page.

Bird City Wisconsin is a program of the Western Great Lakes Bird and Bat Observatory, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization organized and existing under the laws of Wisconsin (, tax ID 82-2924873).